June 26th to July 2nd, 2017

Celebrate Canada Day in the Garden!

Plant some red and white flowers for Canada’s 150th birthday


Surrey store Specials

Proven Winner 4 inch pots $ 3.49 each

Proven Winners

Proven Winners








Dahlia ‘Canadian Celebration’ #3 Pot $ 12.99 each

Dahlia 'Canada Celebration'

Dahlia ‘Canada Celebration’








Safers Any Killer $ 4.99 each

Safers Ant Killer

Safers Ant Killer









Vancouver (Broadway) store Specials:

Proven Winners 4 inch pots $ 3.49 each

Proven Winners

Proven Winners









Spanish Lavender 5 inch pot $ 5.99 each

Lavender 'Anouk'

Lavender ‘Anouk’








Greenhouse Zinc Water Nozzle $ 16.99 each

Greenhouse Zinc Multi Pattern Nozzle

Greenhouse Zinc Nozzle








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