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By , 2014/06/30

Spring is Coming!!!

Start Planting your summer colour

Our stores are open seven days a week from 9 am to 5:30 pm. For complete store hours click here.

March is the time to plant Perennials, Shrubs, and Trees. Our stores have a great selection of Rose bushes and Fruit trees ready to plant.


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2021 Roses

March 1st, 2021

March is a Great time to plant Roses!

Our rose bushes have arrived and you can choose from more than 100 varieties and over 900 roses including: Clean ‘n’ Easy, David Austin, Easy Elegance, Climbing, Floribunda, Grandiflora, Groundcover, Hybrid Tea, Rugosa, Shrub roses, and Tree roses.

New hybrids of roses are becoming easier to care for as they are less susceptible to insects and diseases. Many varieties are resistant to black spot and mildew.

Click here to download our Rose Care Brochure

Click here to download a list of the Roses we have in stock at our Surrey store – Updated March 1st, 2021

Please Note: Due to space limitations not all varieties are in stock at our Vancouver store but you can have any variety transferred to the Vancouver store from our Surrey store.

Rose Hybrid Tea 'Fragrant Cloud'

Rose Hybrid Tea ‘Fragrant Cloud’

Rose David Austin 'Falstaff'

Rose David Austin ‘Falstaff’

Rose David Austin 'Teasing Georgia'

Rose David Austin ‘Teasing Georgia’

Rosa Floribunda 'Easy Does It'

Rosa Floribunda ‘Easy Does It’


February 20th, 2021

Our Dahlias, Lilies, and Other Perennials Have Arrived!

You can choose from a great selection of spring bulbs and other perennials that can be planted now to fill your garden with colour this summer. This includes varieties of Anemones, Begonias, Canna Lilies, Calla Lilies, Dahlias, Gladiolus, Lilies, and many other varieties of perennials.

We have over 100 varieties of Dahlias to choose from including a great selection of specialty Dahlias from Ferncliff Gardens.

Click here to download our information brochure on how to grow Dahlias.

2021 Fruit Trees

February 15th, 2021

Grow your own fresh fruit!

If you have been thinking about growing your own fruit now is a great time to plant fruit trees and other berries. You can choose from over 130 varieties of Apples, Apricots, Cherries, Peaches, Pears, Plums, and more. Please call the stores to check whether we have an item in stock as they sell out quickly. If you have a small space garden we have a selection of Dwarf fruit trees including apples, cherries, and peaches.

Please Note: Due to space limitations not all varieties are available at our Vancouver store but you can have any variety transferred to the Vancouver store from our Surrey store. 

Click here to download our 2021 Fruit Tree List – Updated February 15th, 2021

Our 2021 Seeds Have Arrived!

January 18th, 2021

Choose from a selection of fresh Seeds!

Our stores have received most of the 2021 seed racks. These fresh new seeds are ready to grow. Now is a great time to to start many of them in your home to be ready to plant in your garden when the warmer weather arrives in April and May. Most seeds can now be started indoors in a sunny window. Choose from seeds for Herbs, Vegetables, and Flowers.

If you are looking for Certified Organic Seeds several of our suppliers have a selection of Organic Seeds on their racks.

You can choose from the following seed companies:

Click here for our Seed Starting Brochure

Seed Starting Supplies

January 15th, 2021

Starting Seeds is Easy with our Seed Starting Supplies!

If you are ready to start your herb, flower, or vegetable seeds you should stop by and have a look at the seed starting supplies that will help make it easier for you to be successful this year. Nothing makes it easier than the Jiffy line of products. Jiffy is the company that make the popular Jiffy Peat Pellets. Just add water and a seed and these little pellets will expand and make it easy for your seed to grow. When you are ready to plant them in the ground there is no need to remove them from a pot, just plant the whole pellet into the ground and the roots will grow right through them.

If you are starting a large number of seeds you might want to pickup a seed tray and a plastic dome to cover your seeds. The tray acts like a saucer holding the water until it is absorbed into the pellet or pot that your seeds are in. The plastic dome helps to keep heat and moisture in while the seeds germinate. The dome will also help to keep nosy little fingers from poking around in the soil disturbing the seed before it can germinate and grow.

To make it even easier we carry a seed starting kit that includes a tray, a dome, and pellets all together. These kits come in two sizes; a windowsill size and a full tray. Try the windowsill size in your kitchen for your Basil, Chives, or Cilantro. You will love having these within reach while you are cooking.

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