Welcome to our climate corner! The intention of this space is to empower and enlighten the way we see gardening with new possibilities. Here at Hunters Garden Center, we are passionate about plants and just recently celebrated 70 years in business. We have seen so much change during that time, that we as a company are changing too.

We support over 100 local growers here in greater Vancouver area which not only helps our community but also our carbon footprint. Being as green as possible is something we strive for. We support green! Below we have some initiatives, information, and products that can change the way we interact with green spaces. For example, if your gardening with containers on a balcony, many of these panels were made with you in mind.

If any of our topics pique your interest, more info is just a scan away. Click on any of the green text for more information, helping you deepen your knowledge at your convenience. A small change is better than none.

We hope this corner will inspire you and your garden towards a greener world.

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We at Hunters are proud to support Exemplar Horticulture. With custom tags, they inform gardeners about perennials that are water-smart. This helps you to make eco-friendly informed decisions in all your plantings. Does Exemplar’s initiative interest you?

Sometimes making an eco-safe change can be simple and easy. See how you can conserve water and be part of the solution with a quick link

Looking for a source to answer all your questions regarding water conservation and water-smart gardening? Take a look at our resource which is teeming with information

How can we make our green spaces friendly to native pollinators (hint: it’s not only about flowers)? Answers and more in the link here!

Local supplier Meadowlands Horticultural has committed to be neonicotinoid free. Want to know more about what neonicotinoids are? Click here

Want to invite pollinators into your greenspace? How does one go about selecting the right flowers for pollinators other than bees? click here 

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With our changing climate wildfires are on the rise all throughout Canada. The Firesmart initiative provides information regarding gardening and upkeep, helping you and your family stay safe this fire season. Want to know what you can do this fire season?

Working on a landscape project? The resource here helps with making informed decisions about land shepherdship in combination with firesmart practises

Wanting to start your native garden from seed? We carry a selection of ethically sourced native seeds made possible by Nature’s Garden Seed Co. Inc.

Why is native planting important? How does native gardening impact our ecosystem? Answer these questions and more by visiting the link

Looking for native options? Click here for access to a native plant database. Their user-friendly website is perfect for information and plant selection

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Need new gloves with durability, but better for the environment? Watson Gloves has what you are looking for. This local company’s reclaimed collection was made with these factors in mind. Want to know more?

Thinking of buying new pots? We have eco options for pots that are Canadian made and good for the environment. How do these pots manage a green footprint? Find out!

Wanting to add bees to your garden but are worried about stinging? Mason bees are excellent pollinators without the stinging habit. Their gentle temperament means everyone can enjoy a green space without the stress. Curious if mason bees are the right fit for you?