Vernon Groetchen  Surrey Store Manager

Vernon Groetchen

Surrey Store Manager

Vernon is a ‘seasoned’ professional with a background that spans his early introduction to the nursery business as a teenager to his current role as the manager of the Surrey store. He knows and is well-known in the broader ‘gardening community’!

From his career in corrections that included overseeing the Greenhouse program and landscape projects, to owning his own landscape business, to working in both the wholesale and retail sectors of the horticulture industry, Vernon brings his vast knowledge and gardening expertise on everything from tools to plants to soils and everything in between. He is skilled at finding solutions to common problems of the home gardener and at making recommendations to offset the increasingly complex issues created by climate change.

As a longtime resident of Surrey, he has seen firsthand the unprecedented growth of the community and strives to provide the best experience for his customers in whatever part of the region they live in. Vernon has a passion for continuous learning and quality improvement, and this only serves to benefit his customers as well as his great team at Hunters Garden Centre!