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Spring Water Gardens

By , 2017/05/01

Water Plants Have Arrived!

Our water plants have arrived for 2017. You can choose from a selection of plants for your pond. There are marginal plants that live near the water edge, Water Lilies which live at the bottom of your pond, and floaters like Water Hyacinths and other oxygenators.

Spring is the time to start planning for summer by seeing which plants have survived the winter and which may need to be replaced. Clean out any debris left from the winter and ensure that the water is clean.

Water Lilies

Water Lilies

Fall Water Gardens

By , 2016/09/01

September 1st, 2016

Enjoy your Water Garden!

You should be able to enjoy your water garden through the fall. Savour the last blooms on your water lilies and other plants before they start to die back for the winter.

Leaves on the surrounding trees may start to turn and fall. You should clean them out regularly to prevent build up or clogging your water pump intake. If early frosts start to burn the leaves on your marginal water plants you can cut them back so the tops are just above the surface of the water.

There are many great water plants that will still give you colour through the fall. These include; the Colocasia with their dark leaves and stems, Cypress ‘Baby Tut’ with their tufts of grass like leaves, Equisetum with their dark tips to the foliage, Fairy Moss with their beads of dew or rain, Orza ‘Black Madrass with their dark leaves, and Thalia with their teardrop shaped leaves.


Winter Water Gardens

By , 2015/11/01

Winter Water Garden Care

Winter is a time where very little needs to be done to your water garden. If you have a nice day and you want to get out in the garden the best thing to do is to clean out the debris that has built up in the bottom of your pond.

If temperatures get too cold and the surface of you pond begins to freeze you should melt a hole in the surface of the ice to ensure that any fish in your pond continue to get oxygen.

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