November 10, 2023

Christmas Trees are Coming!

Good news! Christmas Trees are coming to Hunter’s very soon (follow us on Instagram @huntersgdnctr to stay up to date on all things Holidays) so come by our stores at Surrey or Broadway to secure yours. We offer 5 options for Christmas Trees: Douglas Fir (Natural), Douglas Fir (Trimmed), Grand Fir, Fraser Fir, and Noble Fir. 

Call our store now! to order your Christmas trees, greens, and arrangments!

If wreaths aren’t your thing we also carry door swags and other holiday greens!

Decorate your Holiday Wreaths

So you’ve purchased a bare wreath from Hunters Garden Centre. Now what? Read the below tips to decorate your own holiday wreath and have fun while doing it!

Green Wreath

Green Wreath


1. Pick a Theme

Picking an overall theme gives your wreath a cohesive look when it’s finished. Start by determining where your wreath will be placed. Will it be located on the outside of your home or placed on the front door? Will it be indoors hung by the chimney with care? Once you have determined the location, this will help inspire the wreath’s style so it compliments your space. It doesn’t matter which theme you pick – as long as it’s made from the heart, your wreath will be beautiful no matter what!

Some theme ideas include:

  • White Christmas (flocked greens with white, silver and gold decorations)
  • Traditional (pinecones and berries)
  • Merry & Bright (lots of white lights)
  • Rustic (branches and bows)
  • Refreshing (eucalyptus and greens)

Be creative and have fun!


2. Prepare Your Space

If you can, we recommend purchasing a wreath stand to decorate vertically which makes it easier than lying the wreath down on a flat surface. Give yourself adequate time and space to make the wreath to ensure you are not cramped or rushed.


3. Gather Your Supplies

There are many places to gather supplies for a wreath. You can purchase your decorations at a store (ideally Hunters Garden Centre!) or even the dollar store for inexpensive decorations. You can even get in touch with Mother Nature by going on a walk at your local trail to gather branches, leaves, greens and berries. Whether you have all items on hand or need to go find more, ensure you have adequate supplies before starting your project to stay in the creative flow!

Other tools you may need include floral wire, cable ties, wire cutter, hot glue gun and scissors.


4. Add Your Decorations!

This is the fun part! Place your decorations on the wreath to get an idea of the specific design you would like. Once you are sure of the placements, gather the decorations into a bunch and stick them IN the wreath (rather than just laying them on top). Use the wire to wrap them securely around the base of the wreath. Continue this until you have worked your way around the entire circle.

If you would like to learn how to make your own wreath from scratch using greens and decorations, watch this video from one of our suppliers Proven Winners:


Holiday Wreath

Holiday Wreath


Holiday Wreaths at Hunters Garden Centre

For those that would like to skip the arts and crafts, visit us in-store to pick out a pre-made wreath! We have holiday wreaths as well as Holly Wreaths. Hunters Flower Shop in Surrey can also make custom pieces for any occasion. The best part? We deliver in the GVA!

Happy holidays and happy wreath-making!