Canada Day Plant Ideas and Tips from Hunters Garden Centre

As Canada Day approaches, we celebrate our nation’s beauty and diversity. What better way to honour Canada than by incorporating the iconic red and white colours into your garden? At Hunters Garden Centre, we’re excited to share some vibrant plant suggestions and colour combinations that will bring a touch of Canadian spirit to your outdoor space.

Red & White Floral Pairings

Red Geraniums and White Alyssum

Create a classic Canadian look with the bold red blooms of geraniums contrasting beautifully against delicate white clusters of alyssum. This combination works well in hanging baskets.

Mixed Herbs with Red and White Flowers

Combine culinary herbs like basil, rosemary and thyme with red and white flowering plants such as geraniums in a single container. Not only will you enjoy the visual appeal, but you’ll also have fresh herbs on hand for your Canada Day festivities!

Red & White Roses

We can’t forget the iconic red rose! At Hunters Garden Centre this summer 2024 we have a large selection of high-quality roses that are bred for strong disease resistance, colourful blooms, and beautiful fragrances. Click here to download our 2024 Rose Availability List.

Assorted Container Arrangements

For a temporary burst of colour, arrange red and white annuals such as impatiens or petunias in containers around your outdoor space. These can easily be rearranged or replaced to suit different celebrations throughout the summer.

Back to the Roots: Canadian Foliage Flair

Japanese Maple Tree

The vibrant foliage of Japanese maple trees mirrors the iconic red and white colours of the Canadian flag, along with hues of red and orange. Japanese Maples are one of the best trees to grow in small spaces. Click here to learn how to care for Japanese Maple Trees. They also embody the spirit of celebration and unity on Canada Day!


Embrace Canada’s most recognizable symbol with coleus varieties that feature leaves resembling the iconic maple leaf. These plants thrive in shady spots and add a unique touch to any garden bed or container.


Incorporate hostas with variegated leaves featuring creamy white edges. These perennial plants are low-maintenance and perfect for adding texture and contrast to shaded areas of your garden. White-edged Hostas add a touch of elegance too!

Dogwood Tree

The Pacific Dogwood is British Columbia’s provincial flower, known for its striking white blooms in spring and early summer. It thrives in the Canadian West Coast forests and adds a sense of woodland elegance to any outdoor space.


Let your garden bloom with Canadian spirit this July long weekend and all summer long! Visit Hunters Garden Centre in Vancouver and Surrey to explore our wide selection of plants and accessories. Happy gardening and Happy Canada Day from all of us at Hunters Garden Centre!