August 10, 2022

Echinacea Is A Must-Have For Your Garden

Echinacea (or Coneflower) are one of the most popular perennials. They love full sun and lots of heat, making a great addition to your summer garden.

Echinacea is a hardy plant which is also drought-tolerant. It has large, showy flower heads that bloom from early to late summer and a lot of varieties bloom until frost in the fall. Their flowers are long-lasting, which makes them great for cut flowers too. This versatile perennial also works well at attracting butterflies, bees and ladybugs to your garden!

Some varieties can even be used for herbal or medicinal purposes. Echinacea is beneficial in supporting the respiratory and immune systems.

There are many varieties you can choose from. Visit Hunters Garden Centre in Surrey and Vancouver for all your gardening needs!