April 26th, 2010

Plant the Best! New Encore Azalea Will Bloom Spring, Summer, and Fall!

If you adore spring blooming Azaleas you are sure to love the new Encore Azaleas. These beauties produce vibrant colourful blooms season after season from spring to fall. They require minimal maintenance and are more tolerant of sun that most other Azaleas. They make an excellent addition to your garden or can be used to accent a planter on you patio. There are four varieties available at our store:

  • Azalea ‘Autumn Debutante’
  • Azalea ‘Autumn Empress’
  • Azalea ‘Autumn Moonlight’
  • Azalea ‘Autumn Sweetheart’

For more information visit www.encoreazalea.com