May 18th, 2024

Enjoy the Sweet Fragrance of Lilacs!

Aside from Roses, there are few flowers as beautiful and aromatic as Lilacs. Lilacs have a strong fragrance that you can enjoy throughout your garden.

Lilac Blooms

Most Lilacs bloom for only a few weeks in the spring. Once the blooms have finished, you still have a nice shade bush, but you have to wait until next year to enjoy the blooms again.

Weather conditions have a lot to do with how long your blooms last. Cool dry weather helps your flowers last longer. With all the rain we’ve been having on the coast this spring, that’s not the best news for Lilac lovers to hear!

But what if we told you there is a way to have beautiful Lilac blooms for more than just a couple week per year? Would you believe it? Well you better believe it because…

Bloomerang Lilac

At Hunters Garden Centre we recommend the Proven Winners Bloomerang Dark Purple Lilac!

Don’t settle for lilacs that bloom just once a year – get Bloomerang® lilac and enjoy months of blooms instead of just weeks.

Bloomerang Purple lilac is the original reblooming lilac. It blooms in spring along with other lilacs, takes a brief rest to put on new growth, then blooms again from mid-summer through fall. A bit smaller than other lilacs, Bloomerang also has a nice, rounded shape that looks great anywhere you plant it in the landscape. Star-like flowers are a beautiful shade of classic lilac purple and are sweetly scented.

Bloomerang lilacs are also noted for their exceptional disease resistance – no worries about ugly white or brown foliage to spoil the floral show. And like other lilacs, it is sun-loving and deer resistant, so it makes an easy care choice for years of beauty.

Top reasons to grow Bloomerang lilac:

– It’s reblooming! It doesn’t only bloom once in spring – it also blooms summer through fall.

– Disease resistant. Doesn’t get ugly from fungus and bacteria like older lilacs can.

– Neat, rounded shape looks good in the landscape or garden.

Proven Winners Bloomarang Dark Purple Lilac 4
Proven Winners Bloomarang Dark Purple Lilac 5

This re-blooming variety is bred to have return blooms meaning it will not only bloom during the spring, it will also bloom again during summer through fall after taking a brief rest.

Enjoy months of beautiful deep-purple Lilac blooms that perfume the spring and summer air. The Proven Winners Bloomerang Lilac also attracts butterflies to your garden.

This variety is also disease resistant to fungus and bacteria that older Lilacs are more vulnerable to.

Caring For Your Lilac Bushes

Ensure to plant Lilacs in a full sun spot and well-draining soil. Lilacs cannot live in soggy or wet soil conditions.

Allow the Proven Winners Bloomerang Lilac to grow vigorously through the spring and into early summer to optimize its rebloom yeild!

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