Watering any bonsai must be thorough to ensure saturation of the rootball which must never be allowed to completely dry out. Overhead watering (rain) should be repetitive. Occasional plunging of the entire pot (root ball) will help greatly.

To ensure even growth and reduce the risk of ‘burning’, it is best to feed frequently but lightly with a water soluble growth or to stimulate one aspect of the plant ie: root development, flowering or fruiting and leaf growth.

Typically, prune or pinch frequently during the active growing season or after flowering to maintain shape. Any severe pruning should be judicious and well thought out before making the cuts.

Watch for insects and disease on ANY bonsai specimen. Such small plants can be devastated in very short periods. All varieties are prone to the same problems as their full size counterparts.

Bonsai is very quickly becoming a popular hobby and the general market offers material ranging from poor to excellent potential. Be wary of your purchase. Nothing is more disheartening than losing a find due to a lack of knowledge. Ask questions! Members of our staff are well-versed on this subject and will be glad to counsel you with regard to your particular needs.

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