Tropical plants prefer lots of light but not all types can live in direct sunlight. Most prefer bright indirect light, while some can tolerate lower light. If you do not have enough light it can be supplemented with a full-spectrum light bulb or “Grow light”.


Tropical temperatures range between 18 to 27 C (65 to 80 F) degrees, so your home should be ideal for most tropical plants. However, be sure to keep them away from cold draughts or hot blasts from furnace vents which can cause them to lose leaves.


We need to mimic Mother Nature’s humid air conditions by misting them to provide moisture, watering with warm (tepid) water, and planting them in soil that drains quickly. Always use pots with drainage holes!

You should check the soil frequently (at least twice a week) to determine the need for water. You should water when the top ½ inch of soil has become dry. The water should be warm (tepid) and not straight out of the tap as our tap-water contains chlorine. Be sure not to overwater as soggy soil can smother the roots. You should also never leave excess water in the saucer.


The easiest way to fertilize your house plants is with a water soluble fertilizer. These are dissolved into the water when you water your plants. You should fertilize your indoor tropical plants once a week or once every two weeks depending on the fertilizer. We carry a selection of water soluble fertilizers including Schultz, Plant Prod 20-20-20, and Miracle Gro.

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