Rhododendrons need to be planted in an area where there is lots of humus, or good workable soil. They have a very fine shallow root system, so they do not do well in heavy clay or very rocky soils.

Rhododendrons require is a consistent supply of moisture. Due to the fact that their root system is very shallow the soil should not be allowed to go dry for very long.

The reason that Rhododendrons are so successful here on the west coast is our warmer wet winters and our cool summers.

When planting Rhododendrons be sure to add compost, or peat moss to the soil as well as some Transplanter (5-15-10) or All Purpose (6-8-6) fertilizer to encourage good root development. Mulching is a very important part of growing Rhododendrons successfully.

Click here to download our full Rhododendron Care Guide for more information as well as some common Rhododendron problems.