Terrariums, if well-made, usually require little care for a beautiful return!

Plant Choice

  • When considering plants usually an odd number for display makes for a better look aesthetically (1, 3, 5, etc).
  • Colour or pattern variety gives a better look and draws the eye to details.
  • Texture & leaf variety breaks up the monotony as well.
  • Growth pattern variety gives a full, well established look to the planter, with growth at multiple levels.
  • Try to put in a trailing or sprawling plant, a mid-level plant and a taller type.

Planting Needs

  • Good drainage provided by a layer of pebbles or gravel
  • A layer of soil “sweetener” – activated charcoal to keep any water from stagnating & improves the health of good soil bacteria
  • Natural filter – a small layer of peat/sphagnum moss to hold the soil particles in place. Also adds to soil nutrients as it slowly breaks down.
  • Soil/Media – should be the right type & density for the plants used.
  • Coverage – decorative pebbles, sand, bark chips. These hold down the media as well as helping to contain or prevent moisture (as needed)
  • Décor – rocks, sticks, shells, ornaments, figurines etc.

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