Strawberries are very easy to grow.

Strawberries can grow and produce for many years in your garden. They multiply themselves so you can continue to expand your strawberry patch every year. The hardest part about growing them is right after you plant them, you have to force yourself to remove their blooms so that the plant can become established before growing fruit.

Strawberries grow in most soil types but prefer well-drained soil. If you have clay-like soil, you may want to build a raised bed for your strawberries, as hard clay is about the only thing, they don’t grow well in. You can also grow them in pots, containers, or hanging baskets.

Strawberries need full sun. While they grow with as little as 6 hours of sun a day, the size of the berries and the quantity produced will be small. Strawberries have shallow roots, so they need to be planted somewhere where they will not be overwhelmed by ground cover.

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