In pots: Start by covering the drainage hole(s) with fabric or broken pots to keep the soil from plugging up holes after watering. Next fill partially with potting soil, mixing in some Bulb Food to add nutrients. Then plant the bulbs at their required depth and fill the rest of the pot with soil. Water the pot after planting and keep the soil moist but not wet during the winter.

In the garden: Bulbs are generally planted the same depth as their diameter. If the bulb is 2 inches across it should be planted with 2 inches of soil above it. They can be planted in layers with larger and later blooming bulbs planted below smaller, early blooming varieties. Dig holes a little larger than needed to place the bulbs to ensure they will have loose soil to spread their roots. Mix in some bulb food to help the bulbs establish and produce abundant blooms. Cover over with soil and water in. Keep the bed moist but not overly wet through the winter.

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