Seeds can be started as early as January indoors on a sunny window or directly outdoors as early as February. Some plants are hardier than other and their seeds can be started earlier outdoors.

If you are starting your seeds early they can be started indoors on a sunny windowsill in trays or pots. For later seeds they can be planted directly in the garden beds.

Place the growing medium (soil) in the trays or pots. Ensure that the medium is flat and level. Gently shake the tray or press the medium down to remove any large air pockets.

Next make a small depression or hole to place the seeds in. The holes should be approximately one to two inches apart. The hole should be about twice as deep as the seed is wide. Place the seed in the hole and cover.

Keep the growing medium warm, 18° to 20 C (65 to 75 F), and ensure that it stays moist by covering with a plastic dome or misting with water.

When the seedlings have developed two or more sets of leaves you can thin them out by removing the weakest ones. You can then transplant the strongest ones into a larger pot with more growing medium. At this point you can begin fertilizing.

Click here for more information and to download the full Seed Starting Brochure.