The European Chafer Beetle, Rhizotrogus majalis, is a serious turf pest. In 2001 it was found in New Westminster, British Columbia, in lawns and boulevards. It has spread and is now found throughout Greater Vancouver.

The grubs cause damage to your lawn by eating the roots of the turf. They feed on all types of grass and, if food is scarce, may move into vegetable plantings to feed on corn, potatoes and other crops.

A healthy, vigorous, well-irrigated lawn can deter a grub infestation.

Predatory nematodes are available for grub control in late July, but they need to be ordered in early June. Nematodes work best if applied when grubs are in the larvae stage which is from late July until early August. There are many types of Nematodes, be sure to ask for the Nematodes for the European Chafer Beetle.

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