December 28th, 2021

It’s Time to Feed the Birds!

The long cold winter months are hard on our feathered friends and birds can provide many benefits for your garden. Birds are an excellent form of pest control. Birds pollinate the flowers of your fruits and vegetables. Birds also eat the seeds of weeds in your lawn and garden. So in the winter months you can help keep them around by putting out some Suet or Bird Seed for them to feed on when there is a limited supply of food available to them.

Bird Suet

Bird suet is a simple choice for beginners as it is easy to use. The food stays in place as it doesn’t fall to the ground, therefore creating less waste and mess compared to seed feeders. Suet feeders also attract a diverse range of birds to your home! During the cold winter months, suet makes a better choice than seed because of the concentrated energy and fats during a time where there is less food available to birds.

We have a variety of suet at our Surrey store, including:

  • High Energy Suet
  • Peanut Treat Suet
  • Birders Choice Suet
  • Berry N’ Nut Suet
  • Sunflower Suet
Armstrong Suet

Bird Seed

Both seed and suet are welcomed by birds year-round. Especially living on the coast, we typically have warmer weather year-round compared to other regions (one could argue differently for 2021 that’s for sure)! Bird seed attracts the widest variety of birds and can be used in most feeders.

At our Surrey store, we carry a variety of bird seed for all our feathered friends, including:

  • Oil Sunflower
  • Mountain Multi-Bird
  • Gourmet Feeder
  • Chickafee & Nuthatch
  • Jay Mix
  • In Shell Peanuts
  • Wild Bird Basic
Waste Free Gourmet Blend

We also carry a variety of bird feeders, including hummingbird feeders and nectar for our precious hummingbird friends! Visit us in-store to browse our selection of seed, suet and feeders. The suet starts as low as $2.99 per pack and seed starts at $11.99 per bag.

Stay warm in these cold winter months!

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