September 28th, 2013

Field Grown Winter Pansies have Arrived!

Don’t miss out on the best pansies you can grow. When these pansies are grown in the field they develop greater tolerance to the cold temperatures that winter brings. Their extra strength ensures that they produce the biggest and best blooms that any Pansy can produce. Their cold hardiness ensures that they bloom all winter long and well into the spring. If we get a cool spring they may even continue to bloom into the following summer.

If you want an even better show of colour plant you spring bulbs underneath the pansies and the bulbs will grow up through the pansies in the spring. Colour coordinating your bulbs with the pansies ensures a strong impact in your garden next spring. Try Purple Pansies with Yellow Daffodils, or Yellow Pansies with purple crocus, or white pansies with red tulips. There are many great combinations to try.