The Flowering Cherries Blossoms are Blooming!

There is no surer sign of spring than when the flowering cherry trees begin to bloom. There will be thousands of trees in bloom over the next months. The first to bloom is usually the Flowering Plums including ‘Pissardi Nigra’ and ‘Bliriana’. The rest will bloom over 6 to 8 weeks.

To celebrate the flowering cherries as they come into bloom The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival runs this year from March 29 to April 25, 2024. For more information about the varieties you might find in bloom throughout greater Vancouver visit the Cherry Blossom Festival website here.

Flowering Trees at Hunters Garden Centre

At Hunters Garden Centre this year we have many tree varieties to choose from including:

  • Flowering Plum ‘Purple Haze’
  • Flowering Plum ‘Blirieanna’
  • Flowering Cherry ‘Snow Fountain’ – weeping form, white flowers
  • Flowering Cherry ‘Mount Fiju’ (aka Shirotae) – double white
  • Flowering Cherry ‘Shirofugen – white
  • Flowering Cherry ‘Yoshino’ – single soft pink flowers

Please note that not all trees may be available or in stock. Not all varieties listed are available at our Vancouver store but can be transferred from our Surrey store. Please call ahead to speak with a staff member if you are interested in a specific variety If you are interested in browsing our Flowering Cherry trees and other beautiful blooms, come for a visit!

Here are a few images of other varieties that may be available. Please speak to our staff to inquire!