December 9th, 2022

Choose the Perfect Hostess Gift This Holiday Season

Are you going to a party for the Holidays and need a gift for the host or hostess? Hunters Garden Centre carries many great hostess gifts that you can choose from. Whether you come shopping well in advance or need a last-minute purchase en route to your destination, we got you covered!

One of the most popular plants this time of year is a Poinsettia. These colourful plants have been a longstanding Christmas tradition for hundreds of years and make a beautiful addition to any home. Click here to read more about the Poinsettias we carry. Keep in mind, however, that Poinsettias can be toxic to cats so it is a good idea to ensure the host or hostess doesn’t have any feline friends that may be affected.

Another great holiday choice is a ‘Grinch Tree’ – a decorative Lemon Cypress that brings light-hearted energy and vibrant colours to the home you’re going to.

If you want to gift a plant that lasts year-round, how about a Helleborus plant in bloom? This perennial will bloom indoors for several weeks and then the recipient can plant it outdoors in the Spring and enjoy it for many years to come.

If you are in the Surrey area, visit our Flower Shop for fresh-cut flowers in the form of a bouquet, table centrepiece or other arrangements. you can also order fresh-cut flowers online HERE. We deliver too!

We have a wide selection of other beautiful hostess gifts at both stores, including giftware and holiday decor. As they say – the more the merrier!