August 31st, 2022

How To Choose Healthy Plants At A Nursery Or Garden Centre

Maintaining a pretty garden is no easy feat. The amount of time, money and effort invested adds up – but the reward is well worth it! Your garden will have a better chance at thriving if the plants you choose are healthy to begin with.

Here are some key tips for how to choose healthy plants at a garden centre.

Healthy Foliage

Foliage is the first place to look at on a plant to evaluate its health. A healthy plant will have lots of bright, lush leaves. New growth is also important! That is a sign the plant is happy and actively growing as it should.

Buy Local

Plants that are grown and sold locally will already be acclimatized to our west coast environment. This will result in less stress on the plant compared to being shipped from far distances, sometimes overseas.

Hunters Garden Centre sources local growers wherever possible. Many of our stock comes from places such as Abbotsford and Langley. All of our garlic we sell in the fall is grown in BC areas such as Pemberton and Lumby.

Ensure Correct Growing Conditions

There is nothing worse than bringing a plant home from the garden centre and noticing it isn’t happy just a couple of days later. Make sure to look at the tag to confirm the plant matches your garden’s environment. How much light does the plant need? How often should you water it? By matching the correct growing environment that the plant was raised in, this reduces transplant shock to provide a stable transition. Maintain a plant’s health by ensuring you can provide the right lighting conditions, water needs and soil requirements.

Ask Our Staff For Advice!

At Hunters Garden Centre, our staff can provide expert garden advice from transplanting to pruning. We will be more than happy to help you find the healthiest and happiest plant of the bunch!

Visit us today at our Vancouver or Surrey stores. As always, you can contact us for any inquiries. See you soon!

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