October 6th, 2011

Bigger Bulbs Produce Better Flowers!

When it comes to bulbs size matters. Bigger bulbs produce more flowers and at Hunters Garden Centre you can find the largest Allium, Tulip, and Daffodil bulbs. Our selection of bulbs for 2011 include the Jumbo Allium ‘Large and Purple’, three varieties of Jumbo Tulips; Red Impression, Maureen, and Big Smile and the Jumbo King Alfred Daffodils.

For the Tulips Red Impression is a deep red, Maureen is a clean white, and Big Smile is a bright yellow. The flowers on these Tulips are produced on a strong sturdy stem and will be the size of a large hand. These bulbs will bloom in May and June and each flower can last for weeks. Be sure to add Evergro Bulb Food (3-15-8) to the soil when you plant and again in the spring when the bulbs begin to emerge.