Lily of the Valley

is the common name for both these plants but there are many differences!


Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) is a ground woodland, perennial with bell-shaped blooms that come in either white or pink. They can also be a very aggressive ground cover for your garden. These are also known as the sign of a perfect island on the game animal crossing!

Pieris Japonica (aka Lily-of-the-Valley Shrub, aka Andromeda) is one of the best shrubs for a shady spot in your garden. These hardy shrubs grow to between 2 to 3 feet or 4 to 6 feet depending on the variety. They are evergreen so they keep their leaves all winter. In the early spring, Pieris Japonica produce masses of small bell-shaped flowers in white, pink, or red. After the flowers have finished blooming they produce a flush of new leaves that come in white or red. So you can get months of beauty and colour from these simple shrubs. See more on Pieris japonica here!

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