Roses are in!

March is a Great Time to Plant Roses!

Our rose bushes have arrived and you can choose from more than 180 varieties including:

  • Clean ‘n’ Easy
  • David Austin
  • Climbing
  • Floribunda
  • Grandiflora
  • Groundcover
  • Hybrid Tea
  • Rugosa
  • Shrub
  • Knock Out
  • Tree roses

New hybrids of roses are becoming easier to care for as they are less susceptible to insects and diseases. Many varieties are resistant to black spots and mildew.

March 1st, 2024

They are beautiful in the garden and flower better than most other shrubs. With proper planting, pruning, and fertilizing they bloom profusely all summer long, year after year.

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Click here to download a list of the stock at our Surrey store – Updated March 1st, 2024

Please Note: Due to space limitations not all varieties are in stock at our Vancouver store but you can have any variety transferred to the Vancouver store from our Surrey store.

Rose Hybrid Tea Fragrant Cloud 150x150

Rose Hybrid Tea Fragrant Cloud

Many of the new varieties are being bred for strong disease resistance as well as beautiful colours and fragrances. They arrive every spring in March and we carry them throughout the spring and summer. Plant them in the spring to provide beautiful blooms all summer long!

When planting the rose do not bury it deeper or shallower than it is already planted. Keep the
crown just above ground level and free of dirt during the growing season to encourage basal
breaks. Fill the hole back in with soil leaving a ring around the rose for watering. Fill the ring
with water regularly once or twice a week for the first summer. If planting more than one rose
they should be two to five feet apart, depending on the type. For more information about
planting see our “Planting Instructions” brochure.

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