Cacti & Succulents

At Hunters Garden Centre we carry a range of indoor cacti and succulent plants. What is the difference between a cactus and a succulent, you might ask?

All cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are cacti. Succulents store their water in their leaves, roots and/or stems and can therefore last longer without needing to be watered. Succulents are then distinguished from cacti by the fact that cacti have small, round areas where hair and flowers can grow. This is called an areole and is where you can get pricked if you are not careful!

Cacti also often have thick and tough skin with an absence of leaves. Therefore, a succulent is not considered a cacti if it doesn’t have any of these features.

Both cacti and succulent plants thrive with good light sources, however they are able to survive in low light spots due to their water retention. See below for some of our favourite Cacti and Succulents we carry year-round at our Vancouver and Surrey garden centres!

indoor cacti and succulents 2 feature

Cacti Selection at Hunters Garden Centre in Vancouver and Surrey

cacti and succulent 1
cacti and succulent 3
cacti and succulent 2

Succulent Selection at Hunters Garden Centre in Vancouver and Surrey

cacti and succulent 6 aloe vera
cacti and succulent 7
cacti and succulent 8

We receive new shipments of cacti and succulents regularly! Visit us in store to browse our selection of what’s in stock.

Please note that not all the images pictured above are guaranteed to be available. Items available in Vancouver may not be available in Surrey and vice versa, but they can always be transferred.

We Deliver!

If you are looking to buy more plants than you can fit in your car, don’t worry, we can deliver them to your home.