Pet Safe Plants

If there are two things we love in life, it is plants and pets. However, some common houseplants can be toxic to animals. At Hunters Garden Centre we understand how important it is to select indoor plants that are safe for cats, dogs and other household pets. See below for a few we carry year-round at both Vancouver and Surrey garden centres.

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Best Pet Safe Indoor Plants for Dogs and Cats

pet safe plants calathea


A low-light tropical houseplant with intricate and stunning foliage patterns. The leaves move throughout the day as they orientate themselves towards the light.

pet safe plants spider plant

Spider Plant

One of the easiest houseplants to propagate, spider plants have rosettes of long, sleek leaves that are green and white. They arch and hang down, making them perfect for hanging baskets.

pet safe plants banana plant

Banana Plant

A full-sun tropical beauty that requires frequent attention. Banana Plants have large green leaves with wavy edges that grow upright.

pet safe plants palm parlour

Parlour Palm

Parlour Palms are a popular, compact tropical plant that can handle low light and low temperatures. Clumps of bright green leaves are slow-growing.

pet safe plants african violet

African Violet

A compact houseplant that produces clusters of flowers multiple times per year with bright colours of purple, pink, blue and white.

pet safe plants succulents


Most succulents are pet-friendly. Ask one of our staff members for more information on certain varieties!

pet safe plants venus fly trap

Venus Fly Trap

The legendary venus fly trap will eat flies yet is not harmful to any pets! Sounds like a win-win to us.

pet safe plants begonia


Begonias are leafy tropicals known for their beautiful and colourful angel-like leaves. Begonias prefer bright, indirect light and can be sensitive to watering.

pet safe plants orchid


A beautiful, delicate flower that comes in many colours, shapes and sizes. Orchids require special potting mix and care. Also associated with many symbolic values of elegance, love and fertility.

We Deliver!

If you are looking to buy more plants than you can fit in your car, don’t worry, we can deliver them to your home.