Purifying Plants

Most people know that plants produce oxygen for us to breathe, but what exactly are the benefits of having plants in your home?

One of the most important advantages is the ability for houseplants to clean your air. With an abundance of indoor plants you can breathe easier, enjoy improved health, and have a sharper focus.

Over the years NASA has conducted research into the best houseplants for cleaning and purifying air. NASA recommends one plant, in a 6 inch (15 cm) or larger pot, per 100 square feet of household. So an 1,000 square foot home should have 10 small house plants.

Scroll down to see a list of purifying plants we carry at Hunters Garden Centre in Vancouver and Surrey. To read more about NASA’s study, click below.

Indoor purifying houseplants feature

Houseplants That Purify The Air

Hunters Garden Centre in Vancouver and Surrey carries a wide variety of purifying houseplants. Here are just a few we have year-round.

purifying plants areca palm

Areca Palm

Areca palms are fast-growing, high-light tropicals. Multiple stems produce graceful palms that arch slightly and prefer warm, humid environments.

purifying plants pothos


Pothos is a trailing, tropical low-light vine that is one of the easiest houseplants to grow. The leaves are heart-shaped and are often green with touches of gold, yellow or white.

purifying plants peace lily

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies have beautiful white flowers that contrast against shiny green leaves. The plant also symbolizes hope, sympathy and purity.

purifying plants chinese evergreen

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreens are an attractive tropical with large, oval leaves on short stems. The lighter the variegation on the leaves, the more sunlight the plant will need. Not pet safe.

purifying plants philodendron


Philodendrons are low-light tropicals with large, shiny, green leaves that are truly beautiful. Philodendrons add a touch of the jungle to your home.

purifying plants dracaena


A drought-tolerant high-light plant, Dracenas have upright woody stems and sword-shaped leaves that are usually green with red or yellow tints. Larger Dracenas can look like mini trees!

zz plant web sm


The ficus is an elegant houseplant with woody, sleek branches that boast veined, evergreen leaves. It prefers high light and can shed its leaves easily when not taken care of properly!

purifying plants rubber plant

Rubber Plant

A unique tropical with woody stems and large, sturdy, leaves that are a rich emerald green colour. Rubber plants do not stay small, they grow upwards quickly.

purifying plants english ivy

English Ivy

English Ivy is a low-light vine that spreads horizontally and grows quickly, making it perfect for hanging baskets. Ivy is low-light and low-maintenance yet is toxic to pets.

We Deliver!

If you are looking to buy more plants than you can fit in your car, don’t worry, we can deliver them to your home.