Christmas Trees

There is nothing more enjoyable than the look, feel, and smell of a fresh-cut Christmas tree. You can bring the scents of the season to your own home with one of our quality Christmas trees.

Our stores in Vancouver and Surrey carry four types of tree to choose from, including Noble Fir, Fraser Fir, Grand Fir, and Douglas Fir. You can choose from a naturally grown tree or a trimmed (cultured) tree that has been pruned to give them the perfect Christmas tree shape.

Hunters Garden Centre is one of the only garden centres in Greater Vancouver that offers flocked Christmas Trees! Flocked trees are sprayed with a white coating, giving the tree an elegant fresh snowfall effect. We also offer the option to have your tree lit with soft white light strands. Or better yet — provide us with your own lights and we can string them for you too!

Christmas Tree Delivery in Greater Vancouver

Hunters Garden Centre offers delivery for Christmas Trees almost anywhere in Greater Vancouver. Sit back, relax and enjoy having your tree delivered to your front door and placed anywhere in your home you wish.

We go the extra mile to ensure you and your family have an amazing holiday season by offering pick-up services when Christmas is over. Give us a call and we will pick up your Christmas Tree to have it recycled into wood chips.

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Types of Christmas Trees at Hunters Garden Centre

christmas douglas fir

Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir is the most popular Christmas tree due to their size, shape and strength. You can choose from a Naturally grown tree that has not been pruned or the bushier Douglas Firs that have been trimmed to make them the perfect pyramidal Christmas tree.

christmas noble fir

Noble Fir

If you are looking for a tree that holds its needles better than any other tree look no further than the Noble Fir. These trees have a hint of blue to their needles and have nice even layers of branches.

christmas fraser fir

Fraser Fir

If you have lots of heavy ornaments try one of our Fraser Firs. These have the strongest branches. They also have more space between the branches for the ornaments to hang.

christmas grand fir

Grand Fir

As the name implies the Grand Firs are a wonderful tree to have. They have the strongest fragrance of all the trees. If you enjoy the fresh pine scent of your Christmas tree you should try a Grand Fir.

xmas natural douglas fir

Natural Douglas Fir

It’s always a Charlie Brown Christmas at Hunters Garden Centre! We have natural Douglas Fir trees as small as 3 feet tall, which make a great choice for table-top trees and small spaces such as apartments or studio suites.

xmas flocked tree

Flocked Christmas Trees

Bring the beauty of a White Christmas home to the West Coast with our flocked trees! These are sprayed white to add a snowfall effect, making the perfect elegant addition to your home. Flocked trees also last slightly longer than non-flocked live trees. Here at Hunters Garden Centre we offer a full service which includes lighting, flocking and delivering your Christmas tree right to your home!


Care for Your Christmas Trees

Fresh Cut Trees

  • Always use a tree stand with a water reservoir
  • Cut one inch off the bottom of the tree trunk (we may have done this for you already), and immerse in a bucket of warm water
  • Add Christmas tree preservative product to the water
  • Place the tree away from any heating elements or air vents
  • Check the water every day. If the tree dries up, the cut will seal up and the tree will not absorb any more water which will cause more needles to drop
  • For best results use low voltage tree lights or LED lights to prevent the tree from drying out

Live Trees (with a root ball)

  • Live trees can NOT be kept inside the house for more than 7 to 10 days
  • Acclimatize the tree to indoor temperatures by following these steps:
    1. On the first day place the tree in a cool area between 10° and 15° C (50° to 59° F
    2. On the second day bring the tree indoors and place in its spot
    3. Place the tree away from the fireplace and all heating vents
    4. Keep the roots of the tree moist while indoors by checking it every day
    5. Use only miniature or LED Christmas lights
    6. Do not leave the lights on for more than 4 to 6 hours per day
  • When the Holidays are over you will need to acclimatize the tree to outdoor temperatures by:
    1. Placing the tree in a cool area for at least two days prior to moving outside
    2. Plant the tree in the garden with liquid transplanter fertilizer (If the temperatures outside are below freezing then keep the tree moist and cool, but prevent it from freezing, and delay planting until the ground has warmed up)


  • The flocking helps to hold needles on the tree so you do not have to provide water for the tree, however watering the tree helps prevent the tree from drying out
  • A flocked tree comes complete with a stand and a water reservoir and is ready to setup, decorate and enjoy
  • Remove the plastic wrapping and store at the base of the tree for easy re-wrapping and removal after Christmas

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