Wreaths and Holiday Greens

Fill your home with the scent of fresh greens and make the whole house smell like Christmas. At Hunters, we have a wide assortment of greens including, Hemlock, Pine, Cedar, Noble Fir, and Silver Fir. These greens are made into swags, boughs, and wreaths. 

The wreaths come in a variety of sizes and are ready to be decorated. 

Remember your wreath is alive! Live greens need some care to stay green and smell good. A good misting every couple of days should ensure a green wreath for the whole season. Flip your wreath around and spray the backside where the stems are as well. 

We also provide in-store flocking if you’re looking for an extra snowy look. Get your greens flocked with your tree

Call here to preorder your wreaths and greens!