What’s in Season?

Spring is right around the corner!

There are so many ways to create a stunning garden come springtime. We have lots of colourful bulbs, seeds (check out the 2023 West Coast Seeds selection!), perennials, and more.

See below to browse our newest shipments of products for this current season.


Spring Bulbs

We have lots of colour for you to get in the bright, spring mood. Tulips, crocus, daffodils, irises, hyacinths – oh the options are endless! We carry bulk bulbs, packaged bulbs, potted bulbs, and mixed bulbs. There’s something for every gardener in our collection.

Primula Bowl for Spring


One of the most wonderful spring blooming plants. Primula (or primroses) add an extra pizzazz to your garden with vibrant hues of pink, orange, yellow, reds, and purples.

Fun fact: They take their name from “Primavera” also known as the Italian word for Spring.

how to grow & care for primula
Pansy Fibre Pack


Brighten up your garden with Pansies! These bright blooms add some cheer to your garden after a long, cold winter.

Fun fact: These special flowers symbolize “thinking of you”, as the word Pansy derives from the French verb “pensée” which means to think.

how to grow & care for pansies
2023 West Coast Seeds Broadway


It’s a great time to start seeds indoors while we wait for the colder months to pass. We carry a variety of seed brands, from West Coast Seeds to Renee’s Garden. Opt for growing your own veg, fruits, and herbs, as it’s incredibly rewarding to reap the fruits of your labour (literally).

how to start seeds indoors
Hunters Garden Centre- Hellebores


With blooms starting from late winter to early spring, these hardy plants are a feast for your eyes. Hellebores offer a range of colours within the whole spectrum – from white to pink to black. Some varieties offer a wonderful fragrance, which is a good reminder for you to stop and smell the flowers.

how to grow & care for Hellebores
Camellia Pink


Wow everyone with your spring garden by adding stunning Camellias. These flowering shrubs offer evergreen foliage and an exquisite bloom – trust us you’ll be in awe everytime you step into your garden.

how to grow & care for camellias
We Deliver!

If you are looking to buy more plants than you can fit in your car, don’t worry, we can deliver them to your home.