Spring is on the way dear!!

What’s in Season?

Spring is coming! the long wait is almost over.

See below to browse what is growing in this current season.

Gaultheria Wintergreen

Gaultheria or “wintergreen” is an evergreen ground cover with a minty smell and edible berries. They have a small white flower that blooms as well. These plants perform best in semi to full shade and would compliment any yard.


Helleborus or winter rose is an easy-to-care-for, shade-loving beauty. They bloom in a wide range of colours. They will also bloom during the winter from November till Easter! The blooms can be cut and used in arrangements in your home!

bulbs hyacinth

Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs are just arriving in the store! plant them to get some early spring color in your yard or have them bloom indoors to brighten up your space.  Different bulb plants bloom at different times. After they’ve all flowered, clean and store them in a dark, cool place till next year.  Flowering bulbs like a bright location with minimal or no direct sunlight. water moderately, allowing the soil to dry between watering. Don’t let the bulbs sit in water, discard any excess.



Paperwhites are winter flowering, perennial bulbs. They have gorgeous white blooms that last up to two weeks and can add fresh flowers to indoor celebrations. They can be grown in soil or a decorative dish with rocks and shallow water.


Primula or Primrose thrive in partial shade and are perfectly at home planted in large groups around trees. Primula will stay in bloom for many weeks after you buy it and will continue to give color all through the winter. Their soil should stay fairly moist and not be left to dry out.

Hummingbird Feeders

While native flowers are the best source of food for hummingbirds, a water feeder can help supplement their diet and ensure that migrating birds have enough energy for their journey.

Hummingbirds have the ability to remember sources of food and will remember you year after year.

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