MAY 16 – 22, 2022

Weekly Features

Every week from Monday – Sunday, each Hunters Garden Centre location features 3 products: a seasonal item, a hardy item and a hard goods item. These are in-season products that are sure to add value to your garden!

We aim to update this page every Monday before noon. Take a look at what’s featured this week.

Surrey Store

May 16 Surrey Begonia HB

Begonia Shade Hangning Baskets

Lots of colours!

Begonia Shade Hanging Baskets

Starting at $44.99 – $99.99

Begonias fill up a hanging basket beautifully as they slightly spill over the sides, boasting full blooms that last throughout the spring and summer. Add much-needed colour and life to that shady area on your front porch, backyard or balcony! These baskets range in size, colour and price.

May 16 Surrey Dogwood

Dogwood Trees In Bloom

Various Sizes

Dogwood Trees

Starting at $99.99

Dogwood trees are in bloom this month! Did you know that the Dogwood is British Columbia’s provincial flower? With soft white flowers in the springtime and striking green foliage, this flowering tree makes a great addition to a partial shade area of the garden. Dogwoods also help attract birds to your garden with their berries! Read more about Dogwoods in our recent blog post here.

May 16 Surrey Seed Potatoes

Seed Potatoes

3kg / 6.6lbs

Seed Potatoes – W&A Farms

6 Varieties, $11.99 Each

We have a great variety of seed potatoes from W&A Farms, a local family-run farm in Richmond, BC. Seed potatoes are a great return on investment as they are easy to plant and can produce a bountiful harvest of up to 5 times the weight of the amount planted! Hunters carries a number of varieties, including Russet Burbank, Kennebec, Norland, Red Pontiac, Warba and Yukon Gold.

Vancouver Store

May 16 Van Tomatoes

Heirloom Tomatoes

4 Inch Pot

Heirloom Tomatoes

$3.99 Each

Tomato season is here and we have lots of heirloom tomatoes available! Select from La Roma, Green Grapes, Sweet 100, Legend and more varieties. If you have a greenhouse or grow light, plant them now! Otherwise, we suggest waiting another week or 2 to plant them in the ground. Tomatoes need full sun and lots of heat to thrive!

May 16 Van Lilac

Bloomerang Purple Lilac

#2 Pot

Proven Winner Bloomerang Dark Purple Lilac

$34.99 Each

Don’t settle for blooms just once per year! This Proven Winners dark purple lilac will rebloom, offering months of blooms through spring and summer. Its dark purple flowers are fragrant, and the plant is bred to be disease resistant. Showstopping beauty guaranteed!

May 16 Van Tomato Food

Evergro Vegetable & Tomato Food


Evergro Vegetable & Tomato Food

2kg, $14.99 Each

Evergro’s Vegetable and Tomato food is a special blend of nutrients formulated to promote vigorous growth and a healthy root system for bountiful harvests in the vegetable garden. Expect juicy, plump tomatoes!

We Deliver!

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