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When plants are actively growing they need a steady supply of nutrients. Although our soils contain many of the nutrients that plants need it is necessary to supplement them as they grow. In addition the heavy rains in the coastal area wash away much of the mineral content of the soil is each year. But remember that a plants needs change during the growing season.

Fertilizer is important to every plant because healthy plants require less maintenance and are more resistant to disease. Providing the right nutrients in the right amounts is imperative for a successful garden. We carry a selection of all purpose and specialty fertilizers for all indoor and outdoor plants. Fertilizers we carry include:

  • Evergro Fertilizers
  • Miracle Gro
  • 20-20-20
  • Gaia Green (Organic)
  • Schultz
  • Jobe’s
  • Kelp Man (Organic)
  • Alaska Fish Fertilizer and Morbloom (Organic)


Our selection of soils includes pre-mixed soils and soil amenities to enrich your garden bed or fill your pots. This includes potting soil and planter box mix for containers as well as outdoor soil (topsoil), soil energizer, manures (steer and mushroom), sand, drain rock, and peat moss for your garden beds.

For more infomation about fertilizer and Lime click here to download our brochure.

Hunters Garden Centre Potting Soil

This potting soil is a sterile blend of peat moss, pumice, and sand that provides an excellent growing medium for all plants. The potting soil is ideal for all indoor uses including re-potting of tropical plants, taking plant cuttings, or starting seeds. You can also use the potting soil outside in planters, containers, and hanging baskets.

Keefer’s West Coast Planter Box Mix

Planter box mix is ready to grow all west coast container creations, planter boxes and baskets. Clean and consistent, this supreme blend is screened and contains sphagnum peat moss, organic composted soil, with pumice and/or perlite. The pumice establishes good drainage and aeration while promoting root growth. Planter Box Mix is Ph adjusted with dolomite lime for season long success.

Keefers Landscape Soil

The landscape soil is a blend of garden loam, peat moss soil, and organic compost. This is an ideal soil for all west coast landscaping needs. This product is ideal for top dressing a lawn prior to over-seeding.

Keefer’s West Coast Soil Energizer

Energize your soil with our select organic compost product. Add strength and body to compacted, nutrient poor soil. A blend of fully composted manure, sphagnum peat moss, bone meal, and kelp meal; screened for consistency and bagged in a manageable 28 Litre bag.

Manure (Mushroom and Steer Manures)

Manures are ideal for yearly incorporation into vegetable gardens and flower beds etc. These products may also be used as a top dressing for established trees, shrubs, and perennials. All manures originate from quality sources in the lower mainland and are fully composted and shredded prior to bagging.

Landscaping Sand

Clean pit run sand from the Sunshine Coast. Free of weeds, silt, and salt.

Drain Rock

A consistent grade of angular screened rock from the Sunshine Coast. Ideal for use in the bottom of planter boxes and containers; improves drainage and reduces stress on roots in saturated soils.

Peat Moss

Adding peat moss to your garden bed helps to retain moisture and break up clay. We carry three convenient sizes to suit your needs.
Sizes: 1 cubic feet, 2.2 cubic feet, and 3.8 cubic feet

Sea Soil

Sea Soil is a “living”, organic soil produced by consistently blending two ingredients: forest fines and fish waste. Sea Soil contains all the necessary macro nutrients (1.7-1.5-.6), micro nutrients and trace elements to grow strong, healthy plants. (There is no need to add expensive trace elements to Sea Soil).

Fish break down slowly into the basic nitrogen compounds most desirable to plants, thereby promoting the retention of valuable nutrients in the soil and plant foliage while prohibiting their quick leaching away from within the plants reach.

The bark in our forest fines brings all the “good bugs” and micro-organisms from the forest. Composted bark provides structure to the soil producing a healthy well-aerated environment allowing moisture, nutrients and oxygen to readily reach your plants roots. Sea Soil also is weed-free and has a disease resistant quality to it, eliminating the need for many herbicides. It has a pleasant odor, much like that of a rich soil. Sea Soil is also an excellent growth medium that assists in retaining moisture thereby eliminating the wet/dry scenario which stresses plants.

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