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You can find a full range of natural pesticides including organic and biological pest control methods. We carry a selection of the SafersTM brand of pesticides including their Insecticidal Soap, Trounce, End All, and Slug Bait which are considered to be the safest pesticides for humans and pets. These products can safely be used on your vegetable crops up until the day before harvest.

In addition to natural pesticides we carry a selection of biological pest control methods. These control methods contain non-toxic substances that are not harmful to pets, wildlife, children, or adults. The following biological pest controls are available for your garden:

  • Beneficial Nematodes to control vine weevils
  • Aphid predators
  • Ladybugs (for aphids)
  • Fungus Gnat predator
  • Spider mite predator
  • Whitefly predator

We encourage our customers to use the Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to gardening. This involves using good cultural practices such as:

  • Clean up and disposal of all garden waste (dead leaves, twigs etc.)
  • Fertilizing all trees and shrubs, because healthy plants are less susceptible to diseases
  • Giving plants the proper space to provide good air circulation
  • Speaking to one of our staff about the use of beneficial insects

If you or someone you know is having a issue with a pest in your home or garden we encourage you to collect a sample of the insect or damage being done. Then bring the sample in to one of our stores to speak with a qualified pesticide dispenser.

In addition to our organic pesticides we carry a range of synthetic pesticides for harder to solve problems in the event that the organic pesticides do not provide the measure of control you are looking for. These include RoundUp, Killex, and other Pesticides.

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