Neonicotinoid Pesticides

October 29th, 2014

Neonicotanoid Pesticides

An article by the Vancouver Sun (Click here for the article) has stated that many of the plants sold in Nurseries and Garden Centres contain traces of a class of pesticides known as Neonicotiniods, or Neonics for short. The study was conducted by Friends of the Earth Canada ( and asserts that roughly half of the plants tested from Nurseries and Home Stores contained traces of Neonics.

At Hunters Garden Centre we care for the environment and especially about Honeybees and other pollinators. Our stores do not use or sell any Neonicotinoid pesticides and we have never sold or used Neonics in our stores. We have spoken with many of our suppliers and determined that none of nurseries or greenhouses that we buy from are currently using Neonics. All of them have stated that they always follow the precautions in regards to when and how they spray any pesticide to avoid exposure to bees and isolate the plants for the appropriate amount of time after they have been sprayed before selling them to retailers like us.

We continue to work with the nurseries and greenhouses that we buy from to reduce and/or eliminate the use of pesticides on the plants that we sell. Many of our suppliers now exclusively use natural and biological means of pest control.

To learn more about what Neonicotinoids are please visit the Wikipedia page about them by clicking  here.

UPDATE: July 15th 2016

The City of Vancouver has now banned the use of any Neonicotinoid pesticides. You can no longer use them for the control of European Chafer Beetles in your lawn. If you are looking for a natural or biological control method for these pests please call our stores or come in and we can help you.

Instead of pesticides you can apply the Nematodes for the European Chafer Beetle. However in order to apply them you need to go to your local municipality to purchase a Lawn Watering Exemption permit to allow you to water outside of the Metro Vancouver Watering Restrictions (Click here). Unlike last year (2015) these permits will not be rescinded if we reach Stage 3 watering restrictions.

For more about the City of Vancouver’s ban please read the CBC article here.

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