Outdoor Plants

At Hunters Garden Centre we are a full service garden centre that carries a broad selection of outdoor plants to make your garden beautiful. We carry annuals, bulbs, fruit trees, herbs and vegetables, perennials, roses, shrubs, trees, and seeds.


Annuals are plants that complete their life cycle in less than one year. The most popular annuals are plants like Petunias and Geraniums. These are planted in the spring and flower profusely all summer long and die when the frosts arrive in the fall. There are other annuals like Pansies which are planted in the fall and bloom through the winter months. Pansies last into the late spring when the weather warms up and they die as a result of the heat.


Bulbs are plants that grow from a root. The roots store food in the form of starches. The plants grow from the bulbous roots to produce leaves and flowers. Many spring-flowering plants such as daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, and so on, are bulb plants. If you want to grow them, they are best planted in the fall, after the soil is fairly cool. There are also many summer flowering plants that grow from bulbs like Begonias, Dahlias, Gladiolus, and Lilies.


Perennials are plants that can live for many years in your garden. Perennials continue growing, blooming, and seeding for a number of years. The root system or bulb, and sometimes the stem and foliage, last through the winter. Some of the most popular perennials include plants like Echinacea, Hostas, and Lavender. There are literally thousands of perennials. You can find a perennial for almost any situation.


Shrubs are plants that have woody stems and branches. A shrub is distinguished from a tree by its multiple stems and shorter height, usually under 6 m tall. Plants of many species may grow either into shrubs or trees, depending on their growing conditions.Shrubs tend to either be deciduous, evergreen, or coniferous. Deciduous shrubs are those that loose their leaves in the winter. Evergreen shrubs are those that retain their leaves in winter. Coniferous shrubs are those that have needles and tend to be evergreen (although there are a few exceptions).


A tree is a plant with an elongated stem, or trunk, supporting leaves or branches. A tree typically has many secondary branches supported clear of the ground by the trunk. Like shrubs there are deciduous, evergreen, and coniferous types of trees. Trees tend to be long-lived many living 30-50 years and some can reach several thousand years old.

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