Bulbs come in many forms and types. The most common bulbs that gardeners use are the Crocus,  Daffodils (Narcissus), Hyacinths, and Tulips that we plant in the fall months for spring blooms. (Click Here for more information about our Spring Flowering Bulbs). Different varieties of these bulbs can bloom from January to June.

There are even fall flowering bulbs that you can plant in late summer or early fall for fall blooms. This includes many varieties of Crocus, Colchicum, and Sternbergia. If you are trying to grow Saffron you will need to plant the Saffron Crocus (Crocus sativus). (Click here to see the Fall Flowering Bulbs)

We also carry bulbs that are planted in the spring and bloom during the summer months like Lilies and Dahlias.

spring is comming

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