Bushel and Berry

The Bushel and Berry™ Collection is completely changing the way we think about berry plants. They are breathtakingly beautiful and produce amazing edible fruit! Formerly known as Brazelberries they have changed their name to reflect the diverse line of berries available.

There are 7 varieties in the Bushel and Berry line. A Blackberry, a Raspberry, and 5 varieties of Blueberry.

Blackberry ‘Baby Cakes’™ Blackberry Bushel and Berry 'Baby Cakes' (2)

Baby Cakes™ is a dwarf, thornless blackberry perfect for patio pots with its compact habit. In summer, large, sweet berries present on the plant in a fireworks-like spray of fruit. In most regions, this blackberry will produce twice in one season!

Raspberry Bushel and Berry 'Raspberry Shortcake' (2)

Raspberry ‘Raspberry Shortcake’®

This revolutionary, thornless raspberry offers everyone a chance to enjoy raspberries like never before! Raspberry Shortcake® is compact, with a rounded growth habit and thrives in a patio pot or in the landscape. Perfect for children and adults, this carefree nutritious raspberry requires no staking or big garden spaces.

Blueberry ‘Blueberry Glaze’®Blueberry Bushel and Berry 'Blueberry Glaze' (2)

Blueberry Glaze® is a treat unlike any other! The foliage is similar to a boxwood and the white spring blossoms ripen into a rainbow event as the berries turn yellow, to red, then a dark blue! The ripe fruit is packed with aromatic flavors and antioxidants that are fantastic for fresh eating or cooking. Perfect for patio pots or the landscape.

Blueberry Bushel and Berry 'Jelly Bean' (2)Blueberry ‘Jelly Bean’®

Jelly Bean® has large, flavorful blueberries mid-summer that taste like sweet, homemade blueberry jelly. The foliage is unlike other blueberries and has unique, elongated green leaves with highlights of red in cooler climates. Try a mini-hedge along a pathway, in the landscape or in decorative patio containers.

Blueberry ‘Peach Sorbet’®Blueberry Bushel and Berry 'Peach Sorbet' (2)

Peach Sorbet® is a show stopper all year long! This compact blueberry is stunning with leaves that are peach, pink, orange and emerald green. White bell-shaped flowers will appear in spring, leading to an abundant summer crop of tropical flavored, sweet blueberries. In most climates, this plant will keep its leaves throughout winter and turn a rich eggplant purple.

Blueberry Bushel and Berry 'Pink Icing' (2)

Blueberry ‘Pink Icing’™

Pink Icing™ has breathtaking foliage colors and large, robust flavored berries. In spring, the foliage has many shades of pink, mixed with blue and deep greens. The leaves turn a stunning iridescent turquoise blue in winter. Plant this variety in decorative patio pots or in the landscape for year-round color and beauty.

Blueberry ‘Perpetua’Blueberry Bushel and Berry 'Perpetua' (2)

Perpetua will give you two crops of sweet and delicious blueberries! The first fruit will appear in mid-summer and then the plant will flower and set fruit a second time in the fall. The leaves are dark green and will turn to deep reds and greens in the winter, making it a beautiful addition to any landscape.

For more information visit the Bushel and Berry site here.

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