Water Plants have arrived!

Our water plants arrived for the season at Hunters Garden Centre in Surrey. You can choose from a selection of plants for your pond.

Types of Water Plants

  • Marginal Plants that live near the water edge
  • Water Lilies which live at the bottom of your pond and flower at the top
  • Floaters like Water Hyacinths and other oxygenators

Make Your Own Container Garden

Here are the elements you will need to create a healthy container garden.

  • One Water Lily for drama and beautiful flowers
  • One 5-inch Potted Marginal for added colour
  • One 5-inch Potted Oxygenator for the fish
  • One Floater to prevent algae

Make Your Own Water Pond

Here is what you will need to make a healthy 3′ by 6′ pond.


Two-thirds of the pond needs to be covered with foliage. This will provide shade and shelter for fish and frog friends!


6 Marginals will give vertical dimension to the flat water surface. Marginals also absorb heavy minerals and metals from the water. The roots pull out excess nitrate in the water to prevent algae.


Oxygenators pull oxygen from the air into the water to keep a balanced, natural ecosystem. It also provides food supply, protection and spawning places for fish.


Roots of the floaters sweep the water and break down floating particles. Floaters are voracious eaters that keep the pond algae-free.

Spring Is The Time

Spring is the time to start planning for summer by seeing which plants have survived the winter and which may need to be replaced. Clean out any debris left from the winter and ensure that the water is clean.

As always, you can ask our staff for expert advice and resources while creating your container or pond water garden.

Happy Water Gardening!