February 16th, 2022

Potted Spring-Flowering Bulbs & Planting Summer-Flowering Bulbs

Did you forget to plant your spring-flowering bulbs last fall?

We have a great selection of potted spring-flowering bulbs already growing and ready to be planted in your garden! They would also look nice in planter boxes or pots. We have a great selection of Crocus, Daffodils, Hyacinths, and Tulips to choose from. Keep them for yourself or gift them to a friend or family member to spread some cheer this spring.

We also have planters with a mix of bulbs for those indecisive gardeners. The mix of flowers include: Daffodils, Hyacinths, Crocuses, Tulips and Primulas to add bright, rich colours.

Are you ready for summer-flowering bulbs? Now we are too!

We have late-spring bulbs and summer-flowering bulbs that have just arrived! These include Dahlias, Begonias, Lilies, Gladiolus and Peonies. With well over 40 varieties of Dahlias to choose from at both stores, it feels like Christmas time all over again! We have also received new varieties as well to give your garden a fresh look. See below for some highlighted favourites. Or better yet – visit us to find your own!

Potatoes and onions have also arrived – get ready for your summer vegetable garden. 2022 looks like it is off to a great start!