Sustainable practices at Hunter’s Garden Centre

As a company passionate about gardening and the planet, we must uphold sustainable practices to guarantee we can continue to garden!

Sustainable Energy Usage

We recently had Penfolds Roofing install solar panels on the roof of our Surrey store. This is a 21Kw system that helps us offset 80-90% of our energy consumption back into the local grid to power the homes around us.

We also have a high-efficiency furnace that uses 90% natural gas to heat the store during the cooler months.

Sustainable Water Usage

Water is as essential to our plant’s survival as it is to us, this is why we manage how much water we use and operate a sprinkler system that runs on a timer every night.

During the summer we also have a canopy that provides some shade for outdoor plants helping reduce the amount of water needed in that area.

Sustainable Plastic Disposal 

Our plastic is sorted on-site and picked up by a Local company called Emterra. They are a family-owned and operated local waste service. Their goal is to create a circular economy and they divert plastic from landfills and convert them to new products.

Click here to learn about Emterra!

Sustainable Organic Waste Disposal

All our organic waste is picked up by a company called Green for Life. They keep organic waste out of landfills and turn it into compost, fertilizer and other soil supplements.

Learn more about Green For Life

Local Suppliers

We pride ourselves on carrying a LOT of local brands. From plants to tools, seeds, fertilizers, soils and more!


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