There is nothing quite like the blooms of Magnolia trees and shrubs. The blooms emerge before they produce leaves allowing us to see all of the beautiful blooms that can cover the entire tree. Flowering can begin in late March and bloom through April. The latest blooming Magnolia varieties are the Grandiflora or Evergreen Magnolia. These varieties bloom in May and June with large white fragrant flowers.

One of the most popular varieties is the Magnolia Stellata or Star Magnolia. These small trees (or large shrubs) make an excellent focal point in a garden bed. In the spring they are covered with large white flowers that look like a star exploding in the sky.

Magnolias prefer to be planted in full sun. They do best in well-drained, slightly acidic soil. Don’t let the soil dry out in the hot summer heat, though! Magnolia trees are an investment that once established, can provide your home with beautiful spring flowers for years on end.

At Hunters Garden Centre we carry a range of Magnolia trees. At our nursery in Surrey, we have many varieties and sizes to choose from that are in bloom now! Visit or call us for more information about the magic of Magnolias.