September 18th, 2023

Let Your Garden Benefit From All That Tulips Have To Offer!

When it comes to Spring Flowering Bulbs, Tulips have the widest range of heights, sizes, colours, and bloom times.

When you think of spring flowers, Tulips are one of the first to come to mind. They truly are a staple for a fresh and lively garden as the weather warms up again.

Types of Tulips

There are miniature botanical Tulips that only grow to 4 to 6 inches high, such as Pulchella Eastern Star, Praestans Unicum, or Chrysantha.

There are Triumph hybrids like Bastogne, Strong Gold, and White Dream. These tall Tulips can go to 30-40 inches high.

Double flowering varieties like Angelique, Abba, and Royal Acres add a unique bloom to the traditional flower head.

The early blooming varieties like the Emperor series including Orange, Red, and Yellow Emperors which bloom as early as March or April.

There are also late blooming varieties like the greigii types, including the largest flowering variety Casa Grande. Definitely worth the wait!

Lastly, there are even “green” varieties like Spring Green and Flaming Spring Green.

Tulip Love

You can plant Tulips everywhere in your garden and enjoy them from March to June. The rainbow of colours available allows each gardener to pick their favourite shade to bring their garden to life. Tulips also make wonderful cut flowers in the spring and early summer.