Winter Tree and Shrub Care

During the winter months there is no shortage of work that you can do in the garden. Proper care of your shrubs during the winter can enhance how much they bloom or grow during the spring and summer.

Your shrubs will benefit if you take the time to prune them. Pruning should focus on enhancing the shape of the shrubs as well as removing any dead branches. You should be careful not to prune early spring blooming shrubs like Forsythia as pruning them too early might reduce the amount of blooms you see in the spring. When you come by the store pickup our Practical Pruning brochure and ask one of our staff about what you should be pruning now.

You can also spray your deciduous shrubs, like your roses, with the Lime Sulphur and Dormant Oilcombination spray. This spray will help to reduce the fungal and insect infections that you may get during the season.